Sands Music for us

Studio Notes


Doesn’t everything seem like an afterthought sometimes? Aimar, here is the Youtube playlist I made for us, Aimar and Sands (Sands Music for us = Black & White) 2020.

It’s incomplete, sugary sentimental and ridiculous, but in an absurdity that is given credit to Eva Hesse and Antonin Artaud. I wish I had other references sometimes but I keep coming back to the same things, the ones that hit me hardest when young…

Music tastes alter and grow and I love to chart my way through life and work sonically…

When you don’t like a song or if it’s just the wrong time, skip it, delete it, whatever you like.

I just thought it would be fun to make a playlist in the frame of our new relationship. I don’t know why I never know what to do with men being nice to me if its not for sex, and even then they were usually not nice. Except for Robin. But he is exception to my every rule. One man came close once, but it stung even more when that ended. I had my misgivings from the start. But I have not had that with you, what you offer and give does not feel forced. It feels even less forced than I judge my own work and behavior. I want to “live” with this feeling for a long time…

I have a p.s. to the Playlist, which I listening to right now on repeat. I like most of the song, parts are less / silly, but I love the beginning, the title, and the way it’s juvenile and adult at the same time, my favorite mixture! Childlike and adult, true conflict, REALLY humxn.\.