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Bodies and Technologies

How do various technologies condition the performance and experience of one’s own body and of other bodies? And, in turn, how do different bodily experiences re-condition, retune and perhaps even disrupt technologies? In this edition we tackle the complex and plural entanglements between bodies and technologies, from experiences of pleasure and intimacy to the ongoing embodied realities of colonial and ableist frameworks.
On this studio page we introduce you to the research fellow for this edition, Devika Chotoe, and her approach to guiding the institutional research undertaken into the field of inquiry Bodies and Technologies. You can also access the material that was selected for each of the six closed reading group sessions.

Interview with Devika Chotoe

For each edition, a research fellow is selected to lead the institutional research into the Field of Inquiry. For Bodies and Technologies (Edition IX, 2022-2023) If I Can’t Dance invited Devika Chotoe (b. 1992 Netherlands. Lives in Amsterdam) a dancer, poet and organiser who researches the ongoing impacts of Dutch colonialism on communities of colour in the metropole, with a special focus on the (queer) histories of Indian and Indo-Surinamese migratory trajectories.

In this interview, Devika speaks about her practice as being situated in queer communities of colour and how art is for her an important site for community building. She shares how her research into modes of darkness has informed how she has approached her role as the If I Can’t Dance research fellow for Bodies and Technologies.

Listen to the interview here. ›››

Reading Table for Field of Inquiry

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