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Aug 15, 2023 · Translation by Alessandro Felicioli

Testimony of Jacque L, collected by Observatoire des armements – translation completed

Recording of translation process from open source writing pad (August 2023).


Left: Scan of original testimony collected by the Lyon-based NGO Observatoire des Armements in collaboration with the Association of the Veterans of the French Nuclear Tests and their Families. To protect the privacy of the witnesses, identifying information has been redacted. Right: Export of translation. ›››


Translator: Alessandro Felicioli

Alessandro Felicioli is a research master student in Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his bachelor degree in Philosophy at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ with a thesis investigating the relationship between anarcho-individualism and Freudian psychoanalysis. His main interests concern the contemporary developments of Hegelianism, left-Hegelianism and Phenomenology in particular in the field of social relations and religious beliefs. Currently he is researching new Existentialist trajectories in the framework of Stirner’s Egoism and Phenomenology.

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