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Sep 05, 2023 · Translation by Alice Rougeaux

Testimony of Warnier G, collected by Observatoire des armements – translation completed

Recording of translation process from open source writing pad (September 2023).


Left: Scan of original testimony collected by the Lyon-based NGO Observatoire des Armements in collaboration with the Association of the Veterans of the French Nuclear Tests and their Families. To protect the privacy of the witnesses, identifying information has been redacted. Right: Export of translation. ›››


Translator: Alice Rougeaux

Alice Johnston Rougeaux is a researcher, editor, and communicator based in Amsterdam. She currently works for Sonic Acts and is a 2022–2023 FieldARTS resident, developing approaches toward environmental criticism with a focus on artistic research and political ecology. She is a Cultural Analysis graduate with a background in Literature, Anthropology and Political Science. Her research in the Environmental Humanities and Elemental Media takes up the politics and poetics of things that drift. Across disciplines, arts and media, Alice relates matter and energy to forms of expression.

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