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Jul 03, 2023 · Translation by Miriam Matthiesen

Testimony of Pierre C, collected by Observatoire des armements – translation in process

Recording of translation process from open source writing pad (July 2023).


Translator: Miriam Matthiesen

Miriam Matthiessen (she/her) is a researcher living in Amsterdam. She is primarily interested the intersections of maritime worlds, critical logistics, and urban political ecology. Together with Jacob Bolton and Eliza Ader, she co-runs the Abandoned Seafarer Map, an online counter-mapping project tracking the systemic abandonment of seafarers by shipowners and the shipping industry at large. She was a participant in the 2022 FieldARTS Transitional Waters Residency in Amsterdam, where together with Jacob Bolton she began developing a project about logistical timespace and infrarhythms. She holds a BSc in Political Science and Philosophy from University College London, and a RMSc in Urban Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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