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May 31, 2023 · Translation by Séverine Chapelle

Testimony of Marcel M, collected by Observatoire des armements – translation completed

Recording of translation process from open source writing pad (May 2023).


Left: Scan of original testimony collected by the Lyon-based NGO Observatoire des Armements in collaboration with the Association of the Veterans of the French Nuclear Tests and their Families. To protect the privacy of the witnesses, identifying information has been redacted. Right: Export of translation. ›››


Translator: Séverine Chapelle

Séverine Chapelle recently graduated from the Centre for Research Architecture (Goldsmiths University). She is working on wind, as an atmospheric current in which the flow of air and flow of capital intersect. She is currently focusing on role of maritime insurances for wind in colonial explorations and the transatlantic slave trade, and their present investments in offshore wind farms in the UK.

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